Our ethical policy

At Purple Hippo we do our very best to minimise our impact on the environment. So from 2019 any silver sheet and wire we buy will be eco silver. Eco silver is made of 100% recycled silver, which includes silver from scrap jewellery, medical equipment, electronics and giftware. 

From 2019 all our new gemstones will be guaranteed to be ethically sourced. Our suppliers make sure the gemstones they supply come from companies who treat their workers fairly, give them a safe place to work, pay them a fair wage and give them access to healthcare. 

All our jewellery cards are made from recycled cardboard as are our gift boxes. 

We also do our best to recycle everything we can. Anything which cannot be recycled is reused. 

Please note than some of our current stock is not made from eco silver, if you specifically want the piece made from eco silver just drop us an email and we will make it for you in eco silver.