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New! New! New!

Here we are, new year and loads of new products.

Since the last Christmas market in 2018 we have been very busy making lots of beautiful new products. Above is one of our new bangles. They have three hoops and this one has a heart charm and a single pearl.

Also new is our use of eco silver and guaranteed ethically sourced gemstones. Eco silver is silver that is rescued from products we throw away, such as electronic devices and medical equipment. So rather than have it go to waste one of our suppliers sells this silver in sheet and wire form. Now we must point out that it is only certain products which contain the eco silver. Eventually we will work through the stock and it will come to all be eco silver. If you have any questions as to which is which please ask.

We are also now getting our gemstones from a new supplier. Our older stock gemstones were ethically sourced (we wouldn't have it any other way), but these new gemstones are guaranteed to be ethically sourced. We would rather pay that little bit extra to be able to reassure our clients. Again is you have any questions as to which is which please do ask.

As ever our packaging is recycled, we are offering gorgeous pillow boxes at our markets now should you need the piece of jewellery as a gift. This was incredibly popular over Christmas so we decided to continue doing this.

We are also continuing to use as much recycled stationery in our office and recycle as much as we can. On sunny days we are even powered by solar panels. Today is a wonderfully sunny, so as I type this I am fully solar powered!!

This is our new beaded ring. As you can see its freshly soldered sitting among the marks of a well used soldering block!! These rings are beautiful and are a part of our new stacking ring selection.

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