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Park Lane

We had a lot of fun at the Park Lane market on Sunday, met lots of lovely people and loads of dogs. We didn't take the office dog as she gets too over-excited and want to be friends with everyone, even if they don't want to be friends with her!

It was a bit chilly though and poor hubby got quite cold (sorry dear).However it didn't put people off from coming, despite the rain later. We learnt a few things from this market. Firstly, don't use cardboard boxes to transport the stands and jewellery. When it rains they melt. So some plastic crates have been purchased. I'm a bit annoyed about this as I wanted to use cardboard as it was much more environmentally friendly and will biodegrade, sadly they did on the spot!! Secondly, the lighting on the stand really comes into its own when it beings to do dark, which is what I hoped for.

Anyway, we enjoyed it do much we've booked a further four dates, and intent to be there as often as we can.

Hope to see you there.

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