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Stunning chains

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

We have been busy making chains recently. All of these are hand made, of course.

So, this is how our chains start out, a huge pile of hand cut links. This particular pile was for a necklace, you can see how many you need, especially for the style of chain we have been making.

Once we have all the links cut we can then start assembling the chain, one link at a time! Its a slow process, but we really think that the end result really is worth it.

The finished necklace is complete, but needs a little more finishing and then a polish. The bracelet is finished and is on the website for £60. The necklace will be available soon and will be £120. The necklace will also be going off to the Assay office to be hallmarked. If you want to be sure of getting one of these necklaces, please message us and we can make one up especially for you. We can also make it to your desired length (please note that costs can change depending on the size you want). These necklaces and bracelets and not going to be available all the time, so grab them while you can!

This is how the bracelet came out in the end, and we love it!

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